To use Notify, there is no:

  • procurement cost
  • monthly charge
  • setup fee to use


It’s free to send emails through Notify.

Text messages

While in Beta, you have a free allowance of 25,000 text messages each financial year. Any text messages after this will be charged to your account at the current pricing:

Current Notify pricing:

Letter pricing
Type of SMS Price (excluding GST)
Domestic SMS
International SMS

Note that these are current text message costs. Pricing may change as more telco providers are integrated into Notify.

Customers will be notified when Notify pricing changes.

Notify uses authorised Telco Providers from the Cloud Services Panel.

Multiple services

If your organisation offers multiple services, each service will get its own free message allowance.

Long text messages

If a text message is beyond a certain length, it’ll be charged as more than one message:

Letter pricing
Message length Charge
Up to 160 characters
1 text message
Up to 306 characters
2 text messages
Up to 459 characters
3 text messages
Up to 612 characters
4 text messages

How to pay

If you go over the free text message allowance, the DTA will send you an invoice with detailed usage on a quarterly basis.