Getting started

1. Check if Notify is right for you

Read about our features, pricing and roadmap.

Notify is available to any Government agency with a ‘’ email address. If you are unsure about your agency’s eligibility or experience any unexpected barriers during account creation, please contact support.

2. Create an account

Create an account for free and add your first Notify service. When you add a new service it will start in trial mode.

3. Add some message templates

Add message templates with examples of the content you plan to send.

4. Set up your service

Review your settings to manage features such as reply-to addresses and sender information.

Add team members and review their permissions.

5. Set up an API integration (optional)

You can use the Notify API to send messages automatically.

Our documentation explains how to integrate the API with a web application or back office system.

6. Start sending messages

When you’re ready to send messages to people outside your team, go to the Settings page and select Request to go live. We endeavour to respond to live requests within 48 business hours.