With Notify, you can:

  • send emails
  • send and receive text messages (Australia and internationally)

You don’t need any technical knowledge to use Notify.

Create an account for free and try it yourself.

Create messages quickly and easily

Without any technical knowledge, you can:

  • create your own message templates
  • change how messages are formatted
  • preview messages before you send them

Customise your branding

You control how your messages look when you send them through Notify.

You can:

  • use your organisation’s own branding
  • choose the name that emails and text messages come from
  • choose the email address that users reply to
  • get a unique phone number for text message replies

We will work with you to create your organisation’s branding.

Send messages in bulk or individually

With Notify, you can:

  • send bulk messages to lots of users
  • send personalised messages to individual users
  • schedule messages to be sent at a particular time
  • send messages automatically through our API

Track your activity

Through the Notify dashboard, you can:

  • check the delivery status of any emails and text messages
  • see a real-time dashboard of your activity
  • view your usage and reports

Manage your team

Through the Notify dashboard, you can:

  • set permission levels for different team members
  • invite new users (including people without a government email address)

Send messages reliably

Notify can send messages through multiple providers. If one provider fails, Notify can automatically switch to another so that your messages aren’t affected.