Notify is retiring

Notify will be retiring. The last day of operation will be 4 July 2021.

We appreciate your support of Notify, your feedback has contributed to the development of this program.

For any further details or if you are interested in standing up Notify for your government entity, contact the Notify team at

Thank you for your support of Notify.

Introducing Notify

Control your content

You don’t need any technical knowledge to create email or text message templates.

See how your messages perform

Track how many messages you’ve sent and find out which ones aren’t getting delivered.

A screenshot of Notify showing counts of emails and text messages sent

Send messages manually or automatically

Upload a spreadsheet of email addresses or phone numbers and Notify sends the messages.

A screenshot of a spreadsheet with columns for email address, name and colour

Integrate the Notify API with your web application or back office system.

A screenshot of some computer code with a notify.send_email function

Help us shape Notify

Notify is an online notifications service that provides government entities the capability to send emails and text messages to their users.

Notify is currently in a Beta testing stage. We are inviting agencies to trial the service. Feedback collected during this trial will help us make improvements.

Who’s using Notify

Australian Government
State or territory government
Local government
Other government bodies


No setup cost
There’s no monthly charge, no setup fee and no procurement process.

For more information, see our pricing


Unlimited email
It's free to send email through Notify.

Text messages

25,000 messages
While in Beta, you have a free allowance of text messages each financial year.

The team

Notify is maintained by the Digital Transformation Agency and is supported during business hours.

Contact the team if you have a question or want to give feedback.